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$100 Referral Club

Scholfield Honda's $100 Referral Club

What is it?
It is a unique referral Club that allows previous Scholfield Honda customers to earn a $100 referral check by simply referring new customers to Scholfield Honda.100 referral club scholfield honda 

Who can you refer?
Refer a new customer to Scholfield Honda! Must be at least 18 years of age and you can't refer yourself. You must have previously done business with Scholfield Honda in the past to qualify.

How can you earn cash?
Refer someone to Scholfield Honda and when they purchase any new or used vehicle from us, we will pay you $100! It is that easy! Must inform salesperson that you have sent us a referral before the new vehicle transaction is completed.

How many people can you refer?
You can refer as many people as you want. There are no restrictions. For example, if you refer 10 people to Scholfield Honda and they all complete a vehicle purchase, you would earn $1000! If you refer 10 people and only 8 purchase a vehicle, you would earn $800!

What if I email you the contact information of an interested buyer?
You must call or email us your referral contact information prior to their first visit to Scholfield Honda.
Scholfield Honda will then try contacting the referral for you to assist them in finding them a new vehicle. After they visit Scholfield Honda and purchase a vehicle from us, we will then mail you your $100 referral check!

So what is the catch?
You must be a previous Scholfield Honda customer and make sure that the salesperson has your contact information because we need to verify that you did refer a customer before the time of sale. It is very important that your referral understands that they must tell us before the time of sale that you referred them into Scholfield Honda. We will be calling to thank you for your referral and to verify your information.

When will you receive your cash?
After your referral completes their car finance transaction and is approved we will then mail you a $100 referral check! Referrals will be paid by check and delivered through regular mail. You must be a previous Scholfield Honda customer who has purchased a vehicle from us in the past to qualify.

To make it easier, please fill out the referral form so we can verify that you are a previous Scholfield Honda customer and you have sent us a customer referral before your referral's time of sale.

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