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The 2012 Honda Civic Natural Gas Vehicle

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"Natural Gas" can mean many things to different people around the world, and is used to power different types of machinery and even factories. But a car powered on natural gas? The technology has existed for years, and Honda continues to make their Honda Civic models available with CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) Option at dealers, including Scholfield Honda.  

Official pricing of the 2012 Civic Natural Gas variant has been announced. Coming in with a base MSRP of $26,155 the car will show up at over 200 dealerships throughout the United States (in 38 states) and also throughout Canada.

There are a number of benefits to driving a Natural Gas vehicle. One of the top reasons is cost - natural gas clocks in around 30% less than gasoline. It also produces hardly any smog-forming emissions. Best of all, Civic CNG hits 27 mpg city, 38 mph highway for a combined total of 31 mpg. In some states, including California, CNG vehicles can travel in carpool lanes, regardless of the number of occupants.

Civic Natural Gas is powered by a modified version of the 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine in regular Civic models, matted to a five-speed automatic transmission.

According to the Japanese business magazine Nikkei, "the decision to sell the natural gas Civic throughout the United States is in response to increased interest in green cars and fuel efficient cars."1

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