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Customer Reviews

Kudos!              Rod I March 23, 2017

Roger:  A quick note about today’s service visit on my 2011 Ridgeline.

#1 – Wow what a cool new service addition.  The waiting area and amenities were incredible!  Great job!

#2 – I want to let you know that Linda and Brittainie were both awesome and know how to provide friendly customer service!  Linda was always asking if I needed anything and Brittainie was very pleasant/fun and explained things very well.  Both were unbelievable.

The Scholfield culture you have created --- kudos!!


Why I come back, year after year      Douglas I February 17, 2017

Just want to drop you a line and thank you for some of the people that work for you. Just bought my third pilot from Hai Nguyen. He has sold me all three Pilots and his performance has been flawless, I can’t say enough good things about him and his salesmanship. Your west side service department is the other reason I keep buying from you. They fix it right every time, and listen to everything I have to say. Great service. Drew, your business office manager - what a professional. He has it right at the beginning and only takes minutes to get the paperwork done. Last but not least, Jason came out to talk about the car  and any add-ons or accessories I might be interested in. And he got the appointments set up and I got my add ons without any problems at all. What a team.. keep them all, they are the reason I come back to you folks year after year.


Going above and beyond     Janet I January 30, 2017 

Thank you for your nice message about my purchase of a CR V. I am enjoying my new ride. I did want to mention to you that I totally appreciated the time and expertise of Brian. I was not planning to replace my 2004 Accord but had to due to an accident, I had planned to drive it to at least 200,000 miles! My plan was to get a CR V but not for a couple of years. Brian helped me get through this trauma! He went above and beyond to assure I could work all the functions in this car, I have even been back for remedial teaching. 

Drew was also very professional and efficient helping me through all the paperwork.

Thank you,


Recent Purchasing Experience            Diane G l December 15, 2016


After my recent purchase and your note about seeking feedback on the experience, I wanted to let you know how much I think of your organization. My recent purchase of a 2016 Honda CRV Touring Model is my fourth Honda that I’ve purchased through Scholfield. I appreciate everything about the experience of working with the dealership and the service center. My salesman, Brian Watkins was informative and accommodating, but not pushy. He was the epitome of customer service. Jason Shire was also helpful in my decision to purchase a few options for my car and my visit with Bill Pace was very comfortable and personable. All three of these folks were helpful in my inquiry about bringing some students for a Field Trip and pointed me in the direction of Brad Cox who has set a time for I and my students to make a visit to look at the purchasing process of a vehicle as well as all the aspects of operating and managing a successful and prosperous business. We’ll be at the dealership next week.

I didn’t mention the folks in the service center, but my experience with the service center to have a couple of options taken care of was done in very timely and accommodating manner.Thank you for all that you and your organization do for its customers.

Diane G.


Great job guys!                    Thomas M. | August 18, 2016

The Service Department at my Honda, SCHOLFIELD HONDA, has performed flawlessly. From the Service Advisors (Matt Trego and Travis Sonka) to the technicians to the sales staff (Steve Bishop)....all have provided me with what I perceive to be easy to understand repair procedures, future considerations, and in the case of the sales staff, an update to the features of the newer models. (Always good to know.) I have purchased two vehicles from this dealership and will continue to get them serviced here. Who knows a Honda better than Honda?? When it comes time to move into the next vehicle, Honda will be the one and Scholfield will be the place. The leadership practices and the entire staff make buying or servicing a vehicle a more pleasant experience. No pressure, just honest and upfront in dealing with me (and others). Thanks to all who make this happen! 


Five Star Thank You

cars dot com reviewDana C. from Wichita Kansas | August 1, 2016

Ron Davis helped us buy our 2007 Honda Odyssey. He made it so easy for us. Stress free and fast. We didn't have to wait long at all. In and out. I love love Love my Honda!





On the Road with our new Honda - in Utah           from Bart F. / July 18, 2016

CR-V in Utah

  We have purchased a number of Hondas from Schofield. However, our favorite sales person had retired since our last purchase. Our luck of the draw lead us to Brandon Balman. We had a terrific experience working with him. We first contacted him via email and then talked on the phone. I told him what we were looking for. He invited us to the lot to look at CR-Vs. When we drove up our car was sitting at the front door waiting. Wow! Two hours later our deal was complete and we were driving away. Brandon made the entire process really easy, as had been our experience over the years. He is open to messages, emails and calls when we have questions. And, he remembers our names. I hope he is there for years to come as I don't think we are finished shopping at Scholfield Honda. Thanks Brandon!



Great Employees

Iva Testimonial

Dear Roger,

I recently received a message about my Honda Civic, reminding me of service needed. I called your facility and a very nice lady by the name of Diane answered. I told her my problem and she connected me to the service department. Another nice lady by the name of Jennifer answered. Jennifer told me I could bring the Honda in. She even told me what was the meaning of the message. When I arrived at the service area a fine young gentleman by the name of Jordan filled out paper work. The service was completed by another young repairman. I felt you needd to know from this customer what great employees you have! Sincerely,

Iva E.




Wonderful TV Commercials

Donna Testimonial

Dear Roger,

I am writing to you to let you know I really appreciate your wonderful TV commercials! Without yelling, screaming, jumping up and down, or using other horrid antics, you get your message across in a calm, soothing, relaxed way. I would never, ever buy a vehicle from these car dealers who shatter your eardrums and insult my intelligence. When those type of commercials appear, I hit the MUTE button or change the channel really fast! Your commercials are professional quality - others could learn a great deal from you. Keep up the good work! Sincerely, 

Donna D.


Caring and Trustworthiness

Kent Testimonial


Thanks for your down-to-earth genuine caring and your Christian trustworthiness. We are pleased to count you as a friend. As long as you work at Honda, when we need a car there, we will ask for only you. Thanks for the birthday cards & wishes, too.

Kent, Dibs, Anna & Samuel



Respect and Honesty

Dear Mr. Schofield,

I purchased a 1997 Honda Odyssey a few weeks ago from Brian Watkins.  What led me to your dealership was the awful experience I had, after seeing your neighbor to the left (Eddy Toyota). Brian treated me with respect, honesty and a real concern that I would buy a vehicle of quality, for what I could spend. I’ve been in retail for 44 years, and appreciate when I’m not told tales and promises that can’t be delivered in the end. I will continue to use Scholfield Honda for all my repairs and services.

Dennis F. B.


Dear Roger,

Outstanding Customer Support and Service

“In this day and age where most people are so heavily focused on following processes and procedures, it’s refreshing when we experience an individual who goes outside the routine to provide outstanding customer support and service. It is with great pleasure that I put pen to paper to express our gratitude to a specific individual in the Scholfield Honda Service Center. That person is Joshua.” READ ENTIRE LETTER


Hi Roger,

Just wanted to drop a line and say thanks and “kudos” to you and your crew for a great “workshop / celebration” that you provided to us “new” Honda owners on Saturday. I thought the program was well thought out and presented, and provided some really helpful information to us owners that, even though covered when we purchased our vehicles, managed to seem to just disappear from our memory once we left the dealership.

It was certainly appreciated by my wife and my self, and being able to bring our son, who is younger and more knowledgeable in the “high tech” world that seems to be the way things are now, was a big advantage too. By having things explained again and him being able to better absorb the information and then being able to bring the information down to our level of understanding made a big difference in our being able to use the features of our new 2014 Odyssey.

So, once again, “thanks” to you and to American Honda for providing what I think was a very informative and valuable program. The valet parking was a nice touch and a pleasant surprise to find the vehicle washed when it was returned after the program.

And a special thanks to Matt, your east side service manager who was our service writer, until his promotion (and well deserved I’d say) who went out of his way to speak and be available for any questions that I had, and let it be known that our continued service with him and Scholfield's was appreciated.

Johnie and Sue C.


Your Team at Scholfield Honda is awesome!! It has been a pleasure to work with all of you. We definitely feel like part of the Scholfield "family".

Dale and Gayle


I want to thank the service staff at the West branch for taking such good care of my wife Elissa. We don't live in Wichita but have two Honda's to take care of. Since I don't live there my wife has to take care of getting whatever the Honda needs. You have made it easier for that to happen since you don't treat her like she does not know what she is talking about. She feels more comfortable taking care of these issues knowing that she will get the respect and treatment that any customer is looking for, but seldom gets as a woman. It has been a pleasure getting this type of treatment and to have my wife take care of the car since I work in another town and live 60 miles from you.

Thank you.



Words cannot describe how much we love the Accord-what a great car. Tracy was in the other day for a nail in the tire, and as usual, everyone took care of her beautifully. Tire repaired, and back out on the road!



I came into your used car dealership with my friend Burt Carter to trade in his car and purchase a pre-owned Infinity from Tyler Alderman. I want you to know that both of us have bought many cars in our lives but never was the car buying experience as pleasant as this one. Everyone from Tyler to Drew in finance was professional, knowledgeable, courteous and friendly-Wow! Not only will I recommend everyone I know to Scholfield Honda; my experience will make it really impossible for me to ever want to do business anywhere else. Please thank your incredible sales team for their excellence in service.

Kip P.


I just wanted you to know that I am a highway patrolman who lives in McPherson, Kansas. I have an Odyssey Van and I drive all the way to Wichita to have it serviced. To say I am an "anal" person would be an understatement to some. Even though you offer the complimentary car washes, NO ONE washes my vehicle but me. I'm that particular. On my first visit, I asked to speak to a technician and I was introduced to one of your shop foremen, Ryan Smith, (I hope he retires there!) and I knew after talking to him at length that I was going to establish a lifetime relationship with your dealership or at least as long as I owned my Honda. Matt Caton is also very knowledgeable and helpful. My second visit in July impressed me even more. Everyone there seems to know somehow how particular I am but they don't treat me like I'm a weirdo about it. When I came to pick up my vehicle I noticed it was parked way out back, all by itself, with no other vehicles within yards of it. I know most people only want to complain, but I want to commend you on Ryan, Matt and your customer relations manager Jason Shire, who was also quite pleasant.



I just want to tell you what a wonderful experience we had with your team last week.Your team was terrific working with her to get her in a new 2013 Civic, with payments that she could make even though they were a stretch to her new financial independence. Our hats are off to Mike Henderson, Mark Wiens and Ron Godwin. Thank you for making this otherwise painful experience a pleasant one in the end for her.



The people working at Scholfield were very helpful. Mike Baker did a great job helping us find a vehicle. We were in the unfortunate position of having our 2003 Honda Civic break down while traveling back home to Texas. The last thing we thought of was buying a car. I still can't believe that we were able to find such a good vehicle at such a good price. Mike really helped us out by giving us enough time to think about the decision, providing us with a car to use to get around the area for the day, showing us the car fax report, and making sure the car was completely ready so we could leave and get back to Texas. I would recommend Mike to anyone looking for a vehicle.

Thank you so much for your help.



I just wanted to let you know about something that happened at Scholfield Honda yesterday. I had my car in for an oil change and when I arrived for my appointment I was having a very low blood sugar event. I mentioned that to Deb Carson and she immediately sat me down and fed me a peanut butter sandwich and an apple. I cannot tell you how much I appreciated the care and concern that was given to me. Deb went over and above my customer service expectations!!

I have had the pleasure of being a part of seven car purchases from Scholfield including four Honda's that I currently own. I appreciate the customer service that your dealership always provides, and I look forward to continuing this relationship in the future. I also had the pleasure of meeting your Mom yesterday.....she was very nice!! Be sure and pass along my thanks again to Deb.



I wanted to express my thanks for the great experience I had Tuesday with the Service Department. Since my wife is traveling to South Carolina next week I brought her car in for a checkup and to look over the air conditioner. A warm reception when I dropped off the car, prompt transportation so I could get to work, and an informative phone call letting me know that no issues had been found and her car was ready for pick up. All this service was provide at no change. Scholfield Honda making sure my wife would be safe on the road. Your Service Department is one of the reasons we have two Scholfield Hondas.

Andy B.


Thank you for the recent owner's clinic. We enjoyed being able to see the underside of our Honda. It was helpful to have an explanation of some of the buttons and the lunch was enjoyable. We are very appreciative of the helpfulness of Diana Wood, used car titles, and Lupe Barajas, our salesman.

Joan & John


Thank you all for your time looking into this. I had intended on pulling out my warranty and confirming the overages, but I have not had the time to do so. Scholfield Honda sales and service departments continue to impress me. I had intended on starting to do my own oil changes after my extended warranty ran out, but your support has changed my mind. I will continue to bring my Odyssey to the Westside service center and let Jessica take care of it for me. She has gone above and beyond in taking care of every issue I have had. Thanks again for the excellent service.



Our initial contact was with a very personable young man named Bao Vo. This delightful person never pushed us to buy right away We are very happy and are impressed with the courteous manner in which Bao worked with us. We wish to express our thanks to Jason Shire, as he made us feel welcome and we enjoyed our conversations with him. Ron Godwin provided us with the various options, but left the decision for us to decide what we felt we needed and could afford. Again, a very courteous employee. 

Mr. Scholfield, your dealership is very impressive to us. We will always encourage others to utilize your outstanding dealership. We look forward to seeing you all in the future. I would like to commend you also for taking your time to visit with Donna and I. You are a compliment to the City of Wichita and to the car dealership industry. We really appreciated the time you spent with us. We definitely enjoyed our day with everyone at Scholfield Honda.

Terry & Donna