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2017 Youth Entrepreneurs Apprenticeship Winners

Thursday, August 17 2017 5:00 PM
By 360 Administrator
2017 Youth Entrepreneurs Apprenticeship Winners

Scholfield Honda and RSM Marketing recently teamed up to make the ultimate apprentice experience for Wichita Youth Entrepreneurs. Eight Youth Entrepreneurs alumni worked together in two teams to develop a full blown marketing campaign that specifically targets Millennials and the Honda Civic.

Throughout the partnership, students were mentored by RSM and Scholfield Honda to help them with different aspects of the project like creating a budget, a TV spot, magazine ad and a social media campaign. On the final day, teams presented their research and ideas.

The winning team was WAMA - Wichita Automotive Marketing Agency! They decided to focus on the Civic’s Apple CarPlay / Android Auto feature. They knew Millennials would find this feature enticing and from their research, know that they expect their cars to have the same technology as their phones. Their concept “Some Things Are Better Together” highlights Honda bringing Apple and Android together for a media experience everyone can enjoy.

Congratulations to Miguel Gomez, Butler Community College; Jordan Berseth, Wichita State; Yasmin Martinez, North High School

Also congratulations to the other team - Michelle Valadez, Wichita East High School; Gissele Mosqueda, Wichita North High School; Trent Kiefer, Wichita Northwest High School


Scholfield Honda 2017 Youth Entrepreneurs Apprenticeship Winners