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Honda Civic Type R Concept Designer

Wednesday, March 26 2014 3:26 PM
By Roger Scholfield
Honda Civic Type R Concept Designer

Often when it comes to great works of art, we're driven to learn every little detail about the piece that we can. Beyond the tools used and the scene that is depicted, we even want insight straight from the artist as to where the inspiration came from. In the case of the Honda Civic Type R Concept, we'd also like to know where it's going.



We'll still have to wait to get those details, but in the meantime we're pleased to share a bit of information from Chief Designer, Masaru Hasegawa. Click play to hear what he has to say about his road-ready masterpiece.

At Scholfield Honda, we're relieved to hear that the bold-looking vehicle was intended to be driven by the public and not simply reserved for rally races. You can bet we'll hear more about this concept soon, but while you wait, why not drop into our Wichita, KS dealership to check out a performance laden Honda CR-Z?