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Scholfield Honda Receives Environmental Leadership Award

Tuesday, April 5 2016 10:44 AM
By 360 Administrator
Scholfield Honda Receives Environmental Leadership Award

For years, Roger Scholfield and Scholfield Honda have been working to reduce the dealership’s impact on the environment. Now, their efforts have been recognized through the Green Dealer Program.

Scholfield Honda in Wichita, Kansas, has been named a Honda Environmental Leadership Silver Award winner for reducing energy consumption by 17.9%. They’re the only dealer in the Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Arkansas area to receive the award.

To become a Honda Green Dealer, Scholfield Honda had to track the dealership’s monthly consumption of water, electricity and natural gas. The team also had to undergo an environmental assessment by an energy efficiency expert and implement the recommended improvements.

The environmental best practices Scholfield Honda has already completed include replacing inefficient shop lights with high-efficiency fluorescent fixtures, reducing exterior lights by about 60% at 10 pm each night, using water drip lines for 75% of the dealership’s landscaping irrigation, and creating a paperless system for archiving records. The dealership has also established a comprehensive recycling program.

Scholfield Honda’s recycling stats for 2011 through 2015


  • 19,623 Gallons of Oil
  • 20,482 lbs of Batteries
  • 53,437 lbs of Tires
  • 7,950 lbs recycled paper (53 trees)


  • Battery Recycling: 17,424 lbs or 8.71 tons
  • Tire Recycling: 2,362 Tires
  • Oil Recycling: 19,589 Gallons
  • Coolant Recycled: 1,384 Gallons
  • Transmission Fluid Recycled: 2,022 Gallons
  • Recycled paper: 6,135 lbs or 75 Trees
  • Cardboard Recycled: 26,237 lbs
  • Plastic & Aluminum Recycled: 5,720 lbs
  • Sold 2,868 gallons of re-refined (Generation Green) oil
  • Oil Filter Recycling: 15,670 Filters


  • Batteries—Recycled 30,975 lbs.
  • Tires—Recycled 85,550 lbs. which produced enough rubber mulch to cover a football field from goal line to goal line 2” deep.
  • Oil—Burned or recycled 27,082 gallons
  • Sold 4,528 gallons of Generation Green or 17% of all oil changes.
  • 18,160 OIL FILTERS
  • Recycled paper 6,400 lbs or 78 Trees


  • 37,020 pounds of batteries recycled
  • 17,525 oil filters recycled
  • 2,178 gallons of transmission fluid recycled
  • 1,726 gallons of coolant recycled
  • 3,505 tires recycled
  • 4,410 pounds of paper recycled (equivalent of 49 trees)
  • 22,149 gallons of oil reused or recycled
  • 5,678 gallons of Generation Green sold
  • Recycled all cardboard, aluminum cans, ink cartridges, and metal discard parts


  • Batteries- 39,050 lbs
  • 2200 gallons of transmission fluid
  • 1800 gallons of coolant
  • 3700 tires recycled
  • Oil burned or recycled- 26,310 gallons
  • Sold 5995 gallons of Generation Green
  • 13,000 oil filters
  • 4,600 pounds of paper recycled

About the Honda Green Dealer Program

Buildings use nearly 40% of all energy consumed in the U.S. and produce more than a third of the CO2 emissions across the country. Because car dealerships usually have showrooms, body shops, service centers and car washes, Honda recognized that different solutions were needed to help lower operating costs and reduce energy use.

Honda’s Green Dealer Program was developed to help Honda dealers around the U.S. reduce the impact on the environment caused by their daily operations. By measuring how much less energy and water they use, dealerships like Scholfield Honda can show tangible results of the steps they’ve taken to implement “green” business practices and lower their energy costs. Many of the practices recommended by the Green Dealer Program could also be used by businesses in other industries who wish to lower their energy use and operating costs while reducing their environmental footprint.