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Scholfield recognized for making space for breastfeeding Mothers

Tuesday, October 10 2017 9:59 AM
By Julie Martin
Scholfield recognized for making space for breastfeeding Mothers

Scholfield Honda awarded for efforts to makeworking and breastfeeding easier for employees

Wichita, KS, October 3, 2017 – Scholfield Honda has received the Silver Level “Breastfeeding Employees Support Award” from the Kansas Breastfeeding Coalition and its Business Case for Breastfeeding program.  

The award is based on proven and established standards to benefit employers and employees. It recognizes businesses that provide support services to their breastfeeding employees, to include education as well as the time and space for employees to nurse and/or pump breastmilk at their workplace.  The award, the second ranking of three sponsored by the Coalition, was presented by Brenda Bandy, Executive Director for the Kansas Breastfeeding Coalition.

Scholfield Honda owner Roger Scholfield says, “During construction of our new facility, I was on site every day checking on the progress.  Walking back one day, service advisor Brittainie Genosky stopped me and asked where the “nursing room” was going to be? I hadn’t even thought of one until she mentioned that once every couple of months, she had clients ask if we had a private space and Brittainy felt a room was needed.  I immediately called our architect and contractor and had them add a nice space.  My wife Jaki went to work decorating it with a comfortable chair, table and supplies to accommodate our nursing clients.  We’ve also had a client who was suffering from a migraine attack use the room to relax from the bright lights of the showroom”

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 Kansas Breastfeeding Coalition