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Introducing the Honda Fit Challenge

Tuesday, May 27 2014 3:14 PM
By Roger Scholfield
Introducing the Honda Fit Challenge

If you struggle with parallel parking here in Wichita, Kansas then you are not alone.  This is a common issue many drivers have, but there is an answer to help assist you in mastering this parking method.

The answer is the 2015 Honda Fit, which, thanks to advanced technology and compact agility, makes parallel parking a simple task.

To show this off a video was made starring the German musician Flula, check out this below to see the Fit in action, and also to learn more about Honda's newest sweepstakes:



Now is your chance to enter the Honda Fit Challenge, so if you want to be put to th ultimate test then don?t miss out.

Also, if you want to test drive a fit for yourself stop by our showroom today and snag one from the inventory of new Honda models.  We promise if you do this Flula will not be in the backseat talking your ear off, because while he is entertaining no one likes a loquacious backseat driver.